Bunker Trap

Bunker Trap, also referred to as ISSF Olympic Trap is a clay target sport shot in the Olympics.  Shooters shoot 5 targets from 5 positions for a total of 25 targets in a round of Bunker Trap. The shooter will get two right, two left, and one straight target from each position.  Target presentation is in random order. 

There are a total of 15 traps (3 for each position) configured in a fixed throwing direction such that one trap throws right, another left, and the third straight.  Although the traps are fixed, they are set with in a defined range of throwing angles and are not the same presentation from point-to-point.  

Palmyra Sportsmen's International Shotgun Range FAQ's:

When can I shoot? Currently we are open every Saturday from 10:00 - 2:00. We can accommodate teams and groups as well as coaching at other times by appointment.

We also do a coached training session on Thursdays from 6:00 - 8:00 for people who are looking to improve their shooting and eventually be competing.

How much is it per round? $6.00, we keep it a very reasonable price because we want people to shoot the game.

Do I have to be a member to shoot the bunker? No, we would love it if you would become a member, but it is not a requirement.

Do I have to shoot International Loads or can I shoot my 11/8oz loads? You can shoot any ammo you wish during practice. If you are shooting to qualify for the Junior Olympics or are shooting in a final in competition then it I required that you shoot 7/8oz loads.

What shotgun can I use? You are welcome to shoot any shotgun you wish. It is recommended you use a 12 gauge.

Do I have to use an Over and Under or can I use my Semi Auto or Pump shotgun? You are welcome to use any shotgun that can shoot 2 shells.

What ammo kind of ammo is normally used to shoot bunker? International Ammo is 24 gram (7/8oz) #7.5 shot at 1325 to 1365fps.

Do you shoot 5 shots at each station before you move like ATA? No, you move after each shot. We will work with you till you get the hang of it.

Do you have a shooting team? Yes we do.

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Phone 717-329-2314 for details.

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