Daisy BB Gun Program

The Palmyra Sportsmanís Club has been a big believer in developing the youth of the community.

Our club offers a shooters education program (not to take the place of the Hunters Safety Program),
for boys and girls ages 8-15 years.

The material is presented by Daisy Manufacturing and offers a 10 lesson course on gun safety and gun handling.

This program develops into shooting bb guns.
Kids attend a three week course (twice a week) and then are given a written and shooting test.
Shooters with the highest scores are then selected to form our bb gun team.
That team goes on to shoot in matches till April. You do not have to attend with the idea of making the team.

If you are looking for an introductory class for gun safety , this is a great course.

Registration is held in mid December with classes starting right after the first of the year.

For more information please contact Frank Pulli, head coach at 717-813-2196. .


Eye and ear protection is required on all ranges!!!!

For more information, please send us an email at the following link: Palmyra Sportsmen's