Horse Riding Rules on PSA property

  1. All riding on PSA property is at your own risk.

  2. Only PSA members are permitted to ride on PSA property. Carry PSA membership tag

    on you while riding on the property.

  3. Any members wanting to ride on PSA property must attend a riding safety meeting and

    be subsequently registered with the Horseback Riding Committee.

  4. Riding on PSA is from Dawn to dusk only.

  5. Riding is permitted on Sundays only, during hunting season: from the start of squirrel

    season through spring gobbler. Although the Riding committee will make every attempt to post the hunting dates for each year, it ultimately is the responsibility of each rider to know the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s (PGC) published hunting dates. These dates are available in the PGC’s annually published Hunting and Trapping Digest: 21%20Hunting%20Trapping%20Digest/2020-21%20Hunting%20Trapping%20Digest.pdf

    OF NOTE: Beginning hunting season 2020, there will be limited Sunday hunting. There will be no riding permitted during these Sunday hunting dates: Fall turkey Season is Oct 31-Nov 2 and Nov 22-24. Deer Season is Sep 30-Nov 17 and Dec 26-Jan 15. No Sunday riding November 12th, 19th and 26th.

  6. Horseback hunting is not permitted.

  7. If you trailered to a riding site, clean up any manure left by your horse when you unloaded. Keep heavy-duty garbage bags with you, along with a broom, rake, or shovel. Collect all the manure your horse deposits—when unloading, getting ready to ride, or while waiting to load up again—and take it home.

  8. PSA is surrounded by private landowners. Be respectful of our neighbors and do not ride on their property.

  9. Do not ride through crops after planting, nor before/during harvesting. Keep to established roads/trails and the extreme periphery of planted fields to avoid causing damage to planted crops.

  10. Keep well away from tractors and equipment associated with active agricultural, forestry, or construction operations. If equipment is idle, or is stored on club property, ride around at a safe and respectful distance.

11.  Do not tie horses directly to trees or shrubs -- horses should be hitched to a hitching post, horse trailer, or in a manner that will not cause harm to club facilities and natural resources.

Horseback Riding Safety Tips

  1. Wear a safety helmet.

  2. Make sure all equipment fits properly and is functional.

  3. Pack drinking water.

  4. Let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.

  5. Dress appropriately and be prepared for inclement or changing weather conditions.

  6. Hunters also use areas that are open to horseback riding. Do not ride on days

    authorized for hunting by the PGC. Keep away from hunters’ tree stands, hunting blinds,

    or other property. Practice “Leave No Trace” minimum impact principles.

  7. Learn to recognize harmful invasive plants and avoid riding through them.

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