High Power Rifle

High power rifle is a shooting sport using full-bore, center fire, rifle cartridges, shooting from the standing, sitting, and prone positions.    

Almost any center fire rifle can be shot in this competition, the type of rifle may be classified as a service rifle, match rifle, or any rifle.  The majority of competitors choose to shoot an AR-15 style rifle.

Service rifles must meet certain specifications with their look and accessories similar to US military issued infantry weapons.  The most common type of service rifle fired in these matches is an AR-15 matching either the M-16 or the M4 carbine specification.  Not all AR-15 configurations will meet the service rifle designation, but they will likely meet the requirements for match or any rifle.

Match rifle/any rifle will cover many other rifles, and if your chosen rifle is not a service rifle, it will likely fit this category.  Some common restrictions include: no compensators or muzzle breaks (but flash hiders are allowed); and the caliber of bullet must be no larger than 35 caliber.

A common course of fire in NRA high power rifle is the cross the course (XTC) match fired at 200, 300, and 600 yds.  At PSA, we shoot a reduced course with all stages shot at 100yds.  This is comfortably shot at our competition rifle range from covered firing points.  Each stage of the competition allows 2 sighting shots prior to shooting for record.  The match requires 50 shots for record, plus 8 shots for sighting shots (2 shots per stage), and any additional ammo in case of alibi during rapid fire stages. 

The course of fire is:

  • 10 shots - Standing/offhand slow fire (single loaded, single fired) in 10 minutes on the SR-1 target.
  • 10 shots - Sitting rapid fire in 60 seconds on the SR-1 target..  Rifle starts unloaded, and must have one magazine change.
  • 10 shots - Prone rapid fire in 70 seconds on the SR-21.  Rifle starts unloaded, and must have one magazine change.
  • 20 shots - Prone slow fire (single loaded, single fired) in 20 minutes on the MR-31 target.

Of the variety matches available, they may be affiliated with the NRA (National Rifle Association), CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program), or unaffiliated with an organization.  

For additional NRA rules clarification, consult the NRA High Power Rifle rule book.

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