Eye and Ear Protection is Required


  • The Outdoor Rifle Range will open at the later time of 9:30am on Wednesdays for regular maintenance

Outdoor Rifle & Pistol (25/50/100/200)

The outdoor rifle range is located to the west of the PSA Clubhouse down the road to the left before reaching the main parking lot. Parking is available in the lot before the range, or by pulling up behind the firing line where you will be shooting. Please limit 1 car behind firing line per group. Park additional vehicles in adjoining gravel lot.

This range is for shooting shotguns, rifles, and pistols outdoors at paper targets at distances of 17, 25, 50, 100, and 200 yards. Full auto fire and shooting of .50BMG is not permitted. Concrete shooting rests are fixed in place for 50 through 200 yard lanes and tables are fixed for shorter distances. Paper targets and shooting bags are located in the black containers behind the line of fire.

Targets should be stapled to the plywood backers in line with your intended shooting lane. Do not place any targets in such a manner that the orange supports would be damaged. Please read the notices regarding range rules and light system to ensure a safe usage of the range.

A cold line is one where every firearm has the action locked open, magazine detached / tube empty, and each chamber is clear. Firearms are not to be handled while the line is cold. When moving forward of the shooting line, absolutely ensure the line is cold, then flip the switch near your position. This will flash all the other lights until everyone returns from down range and flips their switches off. Only when everyone is behind the shooting line should the line be made hot again.