Indoor Smallbore/Air Rifle Range

The indoor Smallbore/Air Rifle Range is located on the first floor of the PSA Clubhouse on the right side after entering the clubhouse. This range is heavily used by the junior rifle program on weekday evenings and on some weekends.  Please be sure to check the range calendar for events.

This range is for shooting smallbore rifle and air rifle indoors. A smallbore rifle is a rifle chambered in 22LR (22 long rifle) and only 22LR chambered rifles are to be shot on this range. This range is a rifle range, although exceptions are made for handicapped people to shoot air pistol or pistols chambered in 22LR.

Targets should be hung from the target hanger on each position, and in such a way that all shots will strike the replaceable portion of the backstop. There is a hole punch on the counter at the back of the range to poke the appropriate holes in your target to hang it from the target hanger. Only paper targets are to be shot on this range.

Lighting for this range has light switches in two locations, a set of target light switches outside the range on the wood panel, and a set of range light switches just inside the door on the right. Be sure to turn off the lights when you leave the range.