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For info about Airgun Field Target at Palmyra Sportsmen's Assoc, contact Rod Beyerle via email at 

2024 FT Event Dates

All dates are on a Sunday, unless otherwise noted.  Our FT events/matches are open to the public.

Indoor FT Events:

  • February 11
  • March 10

Outdoor AAFTA (FT) Events:

  • April 14
  • May 12
  • June 9
  • July 14
  • August 11 (Match Bulletin)
  • September 8
  • October 26 (Saturday)
  • November 10

XFT Events:

XFT events are run as an additional course loop on the same day as AAFTA events (unless otherwise noted)

  • April 14
  • May 12
  • June 9
  • July 14
  • September 8
  • October 26 (Saturday)
  • November 10

Our event dates are posted to the Minutemen League calendar.  Check the calendar if you are interested in other Field Target events in the Northeast US.

Air Gun Field Target at PSA

We offer a variety of Field Target (FT) shooting opportunities at Palmyra Sportsmen's Association.  We have the traditional AAFTA events, when we say "FT" this is what we are typically referring to.  These events follow the AAFTA rules, and are shot outside at targets between 10yds and 55 yds. Information about AAFTA shooting and our AAFTA events can be found on this page.  Guns used in AAFTA must be 20fpe (foot-pounds of energy) at the muzzle or lower.  If you are new to and interested in shooting AAFTA field target, check the FT Getting Started page for more info.

During the winter months we shoot FT indoors which is shot at targets between 10yds and 22yds.  More information can be found at Indoor Field Target.  These indoor events are a good way to get introduced to the field target game.

Extreme Field target (XFT) is for higher powered air guns with more rugged targets placed between 15yds and 110yds.  This course of fire is designed for guns with higher muzzle energies.  We recommend a gun with at least 28fpe, and it cannot exceed 80fpe. More information about XFT at PSA can be found at eXtreme Field Target.

Field Target Event Format (AAFTA)

We hold an AAFTA match in August, using a shotgun start, with the intent that all competitors shoot all lanes and targets (60 shot course).  Check the match bulletin for the August match for the schedule and start time information.

Otherwise, our club events are meant to be accessible to new shooters yet challenging to veteran competitors.  There is no single scheduled start time for our club events, you can start shooting a course when you show up.  Most of the experienced shooters will choose to arrive near the earliest start time, and will choose to shoot the full 60 shot course. 

Our format is 3 separate 5 lane loops or mini-courses.  Someone can shoot all 3 loops for a unique 60 shot match course, or can choose to shoot any combination of loops, or shoot the same loop multiple times.  A loop consists of 5 lanes with 2 targets per lane shooting 2 shots per target for a total of 20 shots per loop.  There will always be a loop on our rifle range, which is friendly for those that do not want to walk on terrain.  Each loop will also have one lane with a forced position (standing or kneeling).

We will post scores for each loop, and for those that shoot all 3 courses, we will post a 60-shot aggregate score.  Scores are posted to the airgunnation and airgunwarriors forums.

We will be open for sign-ups between 9AM - Noon.  Cost is $5 per loop.  Sign-up and sight in range is at our Competition Rifle Range.

We shoot rain or shine.  Our range loop is on a covered range, and if we expect rain, all loops may be on a covered range.

When shooting an AAFTA course loop, guns are limited to 20fpe (foot-pounds of energy).  Additional rules and information can be found at

Range Safety And Procedures

  1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, and keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. 
  2. Eye protection is required.  We are shooting at steel targets and there is always a risk of ricochet.  
  3. Guns should be bagged or cased, and should only be removed from their storage container when the competitor is at the firing line when it is their turn to shoot.  For AAFTA events, the gun can be stored in a cradle, be mindful of where the muzzle is pointed.
  4. After you finish shooting the lane, safely store the gun in the bag or case. 
  5. Guns should never be loaded or cocked (charged) when not in use.  If using a single shot loading device, ensure the gun is discharged before storing in the bag or case.  If using a magazine (mag), the mag will need to be removed from the gun before storing, and the gun will need to be correctly closed as to not be charged with air.  On a PCP you can close the gun without holding a charge by pulling back on and holding the charging handle, and while pulling the trigger, close the gun.
  6. There are various ranges nearby with active firearm use during our events.  If you are sensitive to proximity firearm noise, you may want to wear hearing protection.  Consider having hearing protection with you in case you need it.

What is Airgun Field Target (FT)?

The premise is simple enough - guess the distance to the target, guess what the wind is doing, take your shot and hope the target falls so you get a point. Anyone who tells you this game is easy is just wrong - simple...yes,

There are many facets to field target that require your equipment, mind, body, and soul to be ready. But in the end it's all about having a great day shooting with your field target friends, sharing stories, laughing, teasing, poking, prodding, and, oh yeah, shooting.

The targets are reactive silhouettes of typical small-game quarry that fall when hit in the hit-zone. Scoring is simple: one point for each hit and a zero for each miss.  For air rifles, the targets are placed between 10 and 55 yards, with hit-zones ranging between 3/8” and 2” in diameter.

At Palmyra, we are interested in supporting all aspects of the Field Target game, but will also be focused on introducing this game to new shooters.  We encourage you to bring your kids and give this game a try using the hunters division ruleset.

Learn more at

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