Indoor FT Events

Check our Field Target page for all air gun field target events. 

Events are typically held in December, February, and March.

Location, Time, & Fees

This event is held in our clubhouse on our indoor rifle range.

We will be open for sign-ups between 9AM and 1PM. 

Cost is $5 per round, you can re-enter as many times as time allows.  

Indoor Field target

During the winter months we run indoor field target.  Targets are placed at ranges between 10 yards and 22 yards.  This event is a great way to get introduced to field target, have fun, or practice for the upcoming outdoor season. 

Targets will be set to an AAFTA legal difficulty for standing position shots.  If you are an experienced FT shooter, we encourage you to shoot the entire course standing. You are not required to shoot the standing position, you can shoot the positions you feel comfortable.  There are no position restrictions for this event, shoot whatever positions you feel comfortable.

Since the distances are shorter indoors compared to outdoor events, this event opens up the possibilities to use guns more suited to shorter distances.  You may consider shooting a multi-pump pellet gun (no BBs), pistols, or guns that shoot at lower energy levels.

The course is 5 lanes with two targets per lane, 2 shots per target.  Courses are set using rifle difficulty, but you can shoot with pistol.

Guns must not exceed 20 fpe (foot-pounds of energy) at the muzzle. 

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